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Contact aShellz

Our Address

500 Pyramids Street

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


Call Us

Tel: 0201005444988

Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem, or just want to let us know how did you find our services, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here to contact aShellz, Please choose the ons that fits you the most and go on. We can't wait to get your feedback or question.

Please be advised that our IRC channel #ashellz in is opened 24/7 and admins are voiced, so if you have an urgent question please log into our channel and shoot your question.
Replying to your  E-mail will be ASAP, usually same day.




Your Account Will be Created ASAP, Please Hang on #ashellz and get Familiar with our Rules on or visit us on #ashellz

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