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We Serve You Linux!

In simple words we supply you with a linux shell to run bots, ZNC or what ever you want as long as you respect the rules. These services are provided free of charge.


A strange mixture of professionals and amateurs who give their time to help with the server and the website.

jamesl is the best admin BY FAR

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our IRC channel.


Shell request


If you would like to request a shell, you can do this very easily via our channel hosted on freenode in #ashellz,  or just send us an email to with your requested username.

Freenode Channel: #ashellz

Phone: 00201005444988


Bot Inquires


If you have what ever question regarding bots and mainly eggdrop, just ask our eggdrop expert jack3 in our channel #ashellz or just send him an E-mail. Also please visit . This is a wonderful source of help and information.

Freenode Channel: #ashellz


Linux Questions


If you are new to linux and have a basic questions and you can't find the answer elsewhere, just join us in our channel #ashellz and ask any admin there, or send us an email.

Freenode Channel: #ashellz


Complaints & Feedback


We are very eager to receive your feedback about ashellz, you can send your feedback, comments or a complaint if you have one to this address.


Other Inquries


Whatever pops into your mind and you would like to share with us or ask us about Just  connect to irc and a visit to our channel and ask your question or send us an email and we will be happy to answer you ASAP.

Freenode Channel: #ashellz

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