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aShellz was created in 2015 by aLLamoox as a free Linux shell providers.

in 2016 aShellz was registered as an organisation with Freenode.


Witnessing an unusual increase in students who've searched for shells for Educational Purposes and wanted to learn basic Linux commands.  Multiple Providers limit the shell usage and doesn't allow bots or ZNC for example so we have decided to do it, after we found many people interested in the service we decided to make it a bit bigger and bigger and bigger hopefully it will be bigger than the Pyramids in few years :P.

Our Team
aLLamoox, Founder | Phone: 00201005444988

, System Admin | Phone: xx-xxx-xx

A professional tour guide, who adores Computers and Information technology. like Chess, Reading and not a big fan of Football.

He is from Egypt lives in sweeden.


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Xenthys, System Admin | Phone:xx-xxx-xxx

Emoo, Editor| Phone: xx-xxx-xx

System administrator of a private infrastucture (soon to be a registered organization). College student, Likes to code random things on free time. Doesn't do sports, originally from France but mastering English as a second language.

A crazy guy from Tanta, Egypt Lives in Saudia Arabia and unfortunatly he doesn't respect time. Very talanted web designer who didnot got his chance to shine yet. Adore playstation and Cocacola.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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